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Phoenix Roof Repair

Residential Roofing Specialists

Our extreme heat in the Phoenix metropolitan area creates an unusual stress on all roof systems. Whether it's a residentialroof or commercial roof, proper roof inspections, roof maintenance and timely roof repairs can often avoid premature roof replacement - saving you money!

Protect Your Phoenix Roof

WARNING! Before Talking To A Roofing Contractor READ THIS...The Arizona Registrar of Contractors receives between 11,000 and 13,000 complaints annually against contractors, more than 700 claims filed against the Recovery Fund and countless contractors have gone out of business!

I was shocked and embarrassed when I found out that roofing is one of Arizona's most complained about industries. If you are thinking about roof repair or roof replacement in the Phoenix area, you need to learn some important things before you pick up the phone to call a roofing contractor. We have all heard the horror stories so you can't help but be worried when you need any type of roof work. Taking a few extra steps when choosing a roofing contractor can reduce, if not eliminate roofing troubles and frustrations... read more

Professional Roof Inspections By Phoenix Roofing Contractor

The best way to save your roofing dollars or avoid replacing your roof prematurely is to have a professional roof inspection
annually. Commercial roof inspections can catch small problems and roof drain issues before they become expensive nightmares.

Phoenix Area Roof Certifications

Most FHA mortgage lenders are requiring a 2-year roof certification prior to funding a property loan. So if you are buying a home, or are a real estate professional, be prepared. Having a written roof inspection report and roof certificate already in place can simplify the loan process.

Phoenix Roofing & Maintenance

Roof maintenance can be the most cost-effective roofing option available to property owners in the Phoenix area - especially on commercial roofs. With bottom-line profitability so important, property owners, both residential or commercial are looking for long-term roofing solutions to squeeze more life out of their roof budgets.


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